Neglecting meds

i guess i have just been in a daze the last couple of weeks and i have been missing doses here and there :frowning:

its so easy to do and for a while i didnt notice but then i felt some really weird ■■■■ starting and i immediately thought ‘■■■■’ and i took some of my emergency supply i carry around with me,

i normally take them all the time when i should but now because i havent been taking them regular my eyes are acting all weird even with my glasses on :frowning: and i felt some paranoia just watching the tv with no sound.

meds eh? cant live with them, cant live without them lol :frowning:


maybe that’s another reason uv been feeling so bad dreamer? get back to taking them everyday and ull soon perk up i’m sure. hope u feel better soon hunni xxx

It’s easy to get derailed. Don’t be hard on yourself about that. All of us have been there. But as long as you can get back on track, you’ll feel better.

If you don’t mind my uninformed idea, as far as the eyes… have you maybe talked to not an eye guy but maybe try and find out if stress can affect your vision?

If stress can cause what it does, and two years of school can cause stress and eye strain and you have been fighting through something, maybe some thing relaxing will be in order.

Or do you have someone you can talk to help get over the stress as well as stay on track with the meds?