Negatives are kicking my butt today

my negative symptoms are really kicking me in the rear end today, hopefully i can get some coffee going tomorrow for work andd do my job righ. anyone going through this as well?

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I go through periods where they kick my butt too. Today at least they’re not so bad.

Sorry you’re having a tough day.


yeah it really sucks, everhopeful. thats good, i hope it stays that way for some time, : ). its ok, thank you for being nice!: )

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Smoke some crack jk. but yeah… idk it sucks big time

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LMAO. X D dont tempt me hehe, but yeah it does. how are you doing today, @Gecko ???

I’m doing alright, my brain still hurts. but you know it is what it is.

oh im sorry, i hope you feel better. i know when your brain hurts its the worst, mental illness is no joke.

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