Negative voices in head


I have for years been hearing voices in my head that make predictions about what is going to happen in my future. The predictions are negative and I find them to be very upsetting. These predictions usually are along the line of “this will never happen” and are in a voice that I recognize as my own. I have found the predictions to at times come true and other times not come true. Is there anything I can do to stop this or to better deal with this, I feel almost debilitated by it and it is giving me an extremely negative outlook on life in general. I remember a time where this did not occur as well. I do not take street drugs or drink so that is not the issue. I have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but this is the only forum I have found that deals with this subject matter. Any opinions or advice from individuals familiar with this would be appreciated.

Thank you and may god help us all.

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If it’s your own voice and you know it’s not real, it’s not likely a hallucination; however, that doesn’t mean it’s any less upsetting for you. I think (no medical experience) that you may want to see a counselor to deal with this anxiety. Negative self-talk can be extremely debilitating. I wish you the best of luck with this problem, and please know that you DON’T have to suffer alone!


I would contact a psychiatrist, he/she will decide what is the most appropriate treatment for you(medications or therapy). :slight_smile:

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Wait. Do you hear voices or is it just you? I’m confused.

are they internal?

i hear avoice that sounds like my own, but it not me talking to myself

yes, it is internal

I have them too…

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