Negative symptoms

Help anyone know the negative and the congitive symptoms remain forever the same or with time it getting better pls anyone?

No it does not get better with time.

You have to work at it.


I took a “fake it until you make it” approach and it’s worked for years.

Now I struggle with motivation, but I always get done what needs to get done.

You just have to put your brain on autopilot and do stuff.

Clean, exercise, whatever,

Start doing stuff even if it hurts.

You absolutely can.


And how you deal with your hunger. This pills make me so hungry. I can eat each hour someting. Im sad.

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Many guys tell me that after years the congitive symptoms are getting better is that also false

It’s been my experience that things generally do not get easier as you get older.

You have to force yourself to do stuff. Its hard but its the only way. Keeping momentum with doing something each day will help.
I find the moment I stop doing stuff I just revert back to not doing things.
I rarely feel motivated so I try not to wait for a feeling.

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My negatives are pretty bad sometimes, and I have really bad agoraphobia but I do manage to force myself to do things. Walk the dog, go for a drive, take a shower, etc. You can do it!

  • Sarcosine
  • NAC
  • Pregnenolone
  • Fish oil
  • Folic acid

If you have tried all of those and still have negative symptoms… then yeah, there is no hope. They stopped working for me as my brain is too inflamed and damaged.

But if you haven’t tried them, they are worth a shot.

Both my negative and, to some degree, my cognitives have improved simply by being on the minimum dose of antipsychotics that I can be to control symptoms. This is something that you need to discuss with your doctor though.

It may not have been all med dosage reductions , though. Some of it may have been the recovery period between psychosis and stability where things just improved.

There was a point where i couldnt watch tv and movies for more than maybe 10 or 15 minutes at a time and got little enjoyment out of them. I now watch movies and tv and enjoy them. This is just an example of an area where I have improved.

I dont know if the non med related improvements were recovery from trauma from psychosis or brain changes or brain healing or what, but improvement occured.

It’s not a full recovery , but it is significant.

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Also, exercise is supposedly supposed to help with negative symptoms. I haven’t tried it yet. But definetly something worth trying, as exercise is good for your mental health either way.

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Welcome to the forum @Winston !


I also continuosly tried new things and new shows and movies in slowly increasing increments to try to adjust myself back into these things. This may have contibuted as well.

I had pretty bad anhedonia for awhile. Got little joy from things. It has greatly improved for me. I wasnt sure I would ever get over it. But I eventually made significant improvement.

Things can get better.

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I’m 19 years in. It only gets worse. I feel brain damaged and everything feels like a giant task.


Another thing in the anhedonia department, I think, is to not have an expectation of pleasure or no pleasure, but just to do it and see what happens.

Congratulations! May i can ask what you take and how much? My anhedonia is not getting better

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I am on aripiprazole(abilify). I cant tell you an exact dose because I’m moving it around a bit to get rid of some anxiety/paranoia. I have been on varying doses for over year. All below 10mg , though. Please talk/work with your doctor if you reduce meds, though.

It’s important to look for signs of psychosis creeping in

okay thank you!

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This is also what has worked for me. You don’t find recovery lying on the sidewalk and it doesn’t fall out of the sky and land on you. It’s something you have to fight for every day.

I’m over 30 years in and living a good life. Having a positive, recovery oriented attitude helps. If you keep telling yourself nothing will get better, nothing will get better.


I am positive. I do my best to enjoy the life i have. Doesn’t change the facts that my memory and motivation have continued to decline. You don’t know me or what i tell myself. Or how hard i work to improve my life everyday.

All I know is that your version of positivity doesn’t look like the version of postivity I’m familiar with.