Negative symptoms


How do you cope with negative symptoms?

I found that I have a much lower motivation than before. I often want to skip work. What can I do to improve this situation?


dont lose your passion
always challenge yourself either to make friends watch football match
dont believe voices


It’s hard. I find exercise has really helped me out. It’s not an overnight process. You need to invest in it and motivation is hard early. Get through that and it really has helped my motivation. I don’t work…I do however volunteer a couple of days a week!~


Yes, it is really hard to exercise. I tried and i failed a number of times.


Yeah for sure. Start small. You have to force yourself so you need some goals. 30 minutes brisk walking three times a week is a good starter! Put it on your calendar and move from there!


I’ve tried and failed a number of times too. But the key is to never actually give up. It takes a few weeks for a new habit to form, but it will only form if you keep putting the effort into it.

I struggle with negative symptoms as well, but like @rogueone said - start off small, and do something that you think will give you the most amount of enjoyment.


Thank you for your advice.

It is a bit daunting to know that I got negative symptoms. It is very hard to be dealt with.

Anyway, i will try to cope with it.


They’re apart of me now. I do not see them as a separate thing as it’s my personality and how I behave. The illness isn’t going away, and the meds only treat the positives, so there is little point worry about negative symptoms. Sure they suck, but it’s just something to be aware of and deal with.