Help with negative symptoms

Does anyone have some good coping skills for negative symptoms? I’m at a complete and total loss. Literally

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I’d say little by little get into a positive routine. Doesnt have to be done every single day but gradually start like twice a week, and with time do it more and more often. For example building model kits. Paint some parts one day, some days later paint other parts with different colors, and so on until you get used to doing it often and eventually about daily.

Negative symptoms suck but try a hobby little by little and itl grow on you with time :slightly_smiling_face: even reading books and researching about a specific time periods can be fun too!

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Here’s what I do re my lack of motivation. My hubby and nurse worked with me on this. Found me an actual reward, it took a long time to think of one bc NOTHING really rewards me. But I like scratch tickets but no one can afford to waste money. BUT THAT is my reward.
Now that we figured that out, my hubby set 3 super small but challenging goals. 5 mins on treadmill, one cycle in hot tub to meditate, 30 second shower. Then I get to go to the store to buy one, a good one. I am showering more but still wash only my hair once a week. I went from 1 -2 showers a week to 3-4 showers a week. Hubby is gonna set things a little higher as time goes on. He said I will probably always need the reward but he will very slowly put a little higher challenges til I meet my max (he does this stuff for a job). Way down the road the reward will be smaller and cheaper. I feel like a child but it’s working.

I am also taking a stimulant but wouldn’t recommend it. It wakes me up and it pushes my mind a bit. But I don’t even have Sz and it’s causing me some psychosis and paranoia. I am only taking it to help me until I get some kind of habits made. It’s also causing anxiety.

I also make a list every day of the things to do broken into little tiny peices /steps. I need it organized and small so I can summon the courage to do stuff.

I also have a small core routine to establish rhythm.

Most importantly for me, I start my day with 4-5 hours of absolutely nothing except rest every day. Until 1pm.

That’s all I have and may not seem good for you I don’t know.

Fish oil, plenty of sleep, but not too much, regular exercise, eat 3 times a day balanced meals, drink plenty of water, a little coffee helps in the morning to get you started, and keep your stress low by avoiding those things that trigger you like loud sounds and annoying people or whatever it is for you.

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