Negative Symptoms

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia a little over a year ago after having quite an experience or 3 where I was very delusional and irrational. I can go in depth about my delusions but to make a long story short I am on Invega and Ability and have not had a delusion in a year. I see a lot of posts about delusional thinking and beliefs on here but I have seen very few where someone just talks about negative symptoms. Does anyone else lack positive symptoms due to medication but still have negative symptoms?


I dont have positive symptoms only negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms. … f**k…!!!


Yes I am that way. I need to go to sleep soon.


Hi :slight_smile: Pills or injection/shot? What dose?

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For the Invega I am on 12 mg of pills, I just switched from the shots 2 months ago.


I’m also on pills 9mg every morning. I have both positive symptoms and negatives

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