What are the alternatives to Invega Sustenna for treating negative symptoms better

Hello all.

Been taking invega sustenna 75mg once a month injection for over a year. It has helped me immensely to treat my positive symptoms and I am thankful to this medicine for that… 99 percent of my positive symptoms have been cured.

However the negative symptoms are bothering me a lot. Anxiety depression lack of emotions sleep irregularities lack of energy sexual dysfunction and weight gain are the major concerns.

I am just staying at home and not doing anything. So what are the alternatives to Invega… has anyone come off of invega and tried something new that minimised the above said negative symptoms and side effects?

Which medicines have less of those above mentioned side effects?

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i know there is a thread on this forum about coming off invega… you can search for it i think theres lots of information there… its called “coming off invega sustena” or something like that… got like 400 replies…

good luck and blessed be

here it is:

Thanks for the reply.

What medication are you on right now?

the same as you

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I am currently on invega sustenna 50mg and have the same problems as you. I use to be on 75mg and they just lowered the dosage this month. I know how you feel. I have sleep issues too and I find I am gaining about 2 to 3 pounds a month. I am currently 197lbs. 5’5. I feel like I am at my wits end. There is nothing I can do because I was non compliant with oral meds so they won’t put me back on pills. I am stuck on this medication. Maybe you could try Seroquel. I hear that one is pretty good.

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