Negative symptoms but not SZ

Can you have negative symptoms if you haven’t been diagnosed with SZ/SZA? My doctor talked to me about them recently and said I might have some

I have it for over 16 years now.

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You can have sz with only negatives, it was called Simple sz. My Dr said I have them and that there is no meds yet.

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Maybe its brain damage from sz.

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I see but I don’t have sz so I wonder if you could have negative symptoms from psychosis alone

I had negatives after 1 psychosis.

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I had them before my sz diagnosis as well, since my 1st psychosis.

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In the beginning my negatives were excruciating and severe. Now, they are manageable with Vraylar. I tried different meds that were hell and did not work for 7 years or so. I also used supplements that may have improved my negatives temporarily like Sarcosine and Sodium Benzoate. I stopped all supplements due to the dangers and cost. It’s also a hassle and nobody knows if they interfere with the meds and it just complicates the situation even further.


what were your negatives?

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