How much do negative symptoms come from meds or the illness or both?

i dont have a lot of negs. i take 3 mg risperidone. just curious.

It depends on your genetics and how you react to meds, some get negatives while some don’t on the meds. Also I found out that positive symptomes worsen negative symptoms. Without meds I isolated myself from fearing ppl and not from negative symptoms. I stayed in bed all day.

I have alot of negative symptoms, I believe it is from both the meds and illness. Sometimes I feel so numb and am so indifferent.I just don’t care

I doubt you’ll find any negative symptom in meds unless you’ve passed the normal symptoms then the negatives come 10 years or 5years later. I do experience illness negative symptoms where I get tremors from the voices and stuff.

A variety of symptoms occur which generally leads to the diagnosis of a mental illness, such as, hallucinations (visual and/or auditory), delusions of grandeur, extrasensory feeling (such as being touched and or raped when alone), paranoia, depression, intrusive thoughts, et cetera. After the first diagnosis, depending on a personal state of hygiene (such as grooming) and function, a different diagnosis might be given by a second opinion or a different mental health facilitator. As for the medications, it is good to do research through trusted sources, such as an accredited medical journal or a health website run by a corporation that produces baby strength aspirin and such. It is also very good to ask both the person prescribing you the medication as well as the pharmacist about any possible side effects that may occur such as, weight gain, depression, suicidal thoughts, sedation, anxiety, loss of apatite, increase in apatite, aversion to warmth, isolation, decrease in motor skills (or function), decrease in sex drive (or libido), shortness of breath, increase in heart palpitations, decrease in heart palpitations, decrease in antibodies, et cetera.

I get negative symptoms both on meds and off, but I think they are worse off meds - my avolition and apathy go through the roof then! Plus I get rapid cycling fierce mood swings and voices.

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