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kindly could you advise me , I have my brother 47 years old , He is a general doctor but he has Schizophrenia which impact all of his life including his work where he become ignored in his JOB as he has no assignment , I would like you to advise the best place that may help to overcome his case, he used to take injection reazebedral for a while but then he refuse to take it as he is compline that effect his sexual life even though he is not married.
kindly advise please.

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Plz visit family forum ā€¦!!!

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@Peace7, Iā€™d like to encourage you to join our forum for Family and Caregivers that can be found at:

While this is a peer support forum for people with schizophrenia and other closely related psychotic disorders, the Family forum is specifically for people like yourself, who have a loved one they are concerned about.

Also, please let your loved one know about this forum as they may find it helpful.

Best of luck,

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