Need to stop putting other people's opinions above my own

I tend to value others opinions above my own. Like yesterday I bought a set of three suitcases for 120 quid. I told my colleague about this bargain. She then said I got ripped off and could get it cheaper from tkmax. So I cancelled and tried them but turned out it’s more expensive because it’s like 50 quid a suitcase. I got 3 for 120 from Costco in the end. Ripped off ? Maybe but At least if something goes wrong I know they’ll take it back.

Is this the same colleague who is always saying stuff about your partner?


You’ve got to get better friends.


Wrong but strong all the way. At least is your own decision.

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I sit there the whole time I work. No space elsewhere :confused: seriously I get driven insane. Then I think is it really the company I keep or me.

I have an interview coming up more close to where my partner lives …

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