Have a right to be angry?

6 of us were going to book holiday.
One of them said book two together as it’s cheaper. Fair enough. I think that’s ok.
But my friend gets angry at her and tells me that. But then books hers with her sis anyway.

So that means there’s me and another lady… I told my friend from start I ain’t sharing think what they like I’m paying so it’s my right.

So as we not booked together it means prices go up for me and the other lady.

I said I’d rather not go. So she tries to put pressure on me.

When I checked the transfer were like £400 to and from the hotel. I’m not spending £700 on two days…

What I’m thinking is she knows the taxi is expensive. That’s why she’s putting pressure on me to go.

So we can split…

If I don’t go though they all pay more … So if they didn’t book like that we could have all gone and it would have been cheaper for them.


I’m not making sense but needed to vent.

Ok I’m paranoid :grimacing::flushed:

Sounds like the trip is stressing you out, maybe go somewhere else, Like Canada :smiley::joy:

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I’m not going either way. I’m stressed cos I thought they were my friends. I say I don’t want to go and she don’t wanna hear no. Why? Maybe I’m being paranof but I don’t think she’s my friend.

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That is to bad (((@anon80629714))) Hope you feel better soon, Good you are not going,

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Dunno if I’m developing paranoid ugh

What else is making you feel Paranoid? of is it just the trip?

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Is just this woman.

Well you have good reason to, so try not to worry to much

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