Need to sleep

Don’t know what to do
almost got into car accident because of anxiety attack
felt exhausted/sick due to my intrusive thoughts
felt extremely paranoid
felt like going to have a heat attack
just want to sleep
afraid to think bad thoughts
people are inside my body
they harrass me to death
out of clonazapine
need to sleep
to let this incident to pass
afraid of fear

my life i feel has become unpredictable
can not predict how or what i’ll think
just want peace
and want to sleep
when i get to bed my heart races and i must live a living fear

Relax, no one wants to hurt you. Get some rest. The schizo mind is overactive. Have you tried thinking the negative thoughts just to see it’s safe. I assure you it is. You’ll get over the negative impulses after a while but first you have to get over the fear of it. Let it out.

Probably you need to increase the dose of your antipsychotics? That worked for me when I felt delusional and unstable.

I would try this-

GNC Melatonin 1, Tablets, Cherry, 120 ea 1 Pack, 2 Packs or 4 Packs (2 Packs of 120 Tablets)

I’ve tried to replace seroquel with melatonin before but failed. It seemed melatonin interacted with my antipsychotics.

I read that melatonin may throw whats left of your natural sleep pattern off permanently.

I use to have that unpredictable fear that escalated to a feeling of impending doom.

For years I was like that I thought if I ever DIDN’T think something bad was going to happen to me then something would.

It wasn’t until I accepted that my mind is misfiring and causing that constant doom feeling that I finally let go of it and figured whatever happens happens and theres nothing I can do about that.

I feel a lot better now.

Also I think people with a mental condition have more emotional energy because we need it just to get through everyday and it could build up and cause these types of episodes if you dont assist in releasing that built up energy.

Excersise is a great way of doing that.

Im not trying to sound perverted but if you have a girlfriend of boyfriend quality time with them could help release it also.

I used to take Melatonin to help me sleep, and I did take it with a benzo. Now Ive got a AP AD and a benzo. I ordered some of that GNC melatonin and well see it it helps or not. But I do sleep well anyway. I think it may help with my sleep walking.

Fraid to think the negative thoughts
Can’t sleep until i get myself puckered out
Took a 1/2 a alka seltzer
Drank a glass of warm milk
Walked around closing my eyes
From a scale 1-10
I’m having a 7 night
Wish i could fall asleep like my dog
She’s sweetly sleeping on my bedroom floor
Had a good night sleep last night
Trying to sleep early or when i can
take advantage being able to sleep
and not feeling anxious or panicky

7s not bad. I’m might be at at 7 or 8 myself. Two years of hallucinations have made me unshakably afraid that there is telepathy. It’s clearly irrational though as no one is communicating with me anymore. I control the content and everything. I can easily avoid it when I want but when my mind drifts bunch of random ■■■■ happens.

Hope you can get some good sleep see121.

None of it is real regardless of how it seems.

Fear can have the same grip on you as those chinese finger torture tubes.
You put both index fingers into this mesh-like tube, and then try to pull them out.
The more you pull, the tighter they get.
The only way to free your fingers is to relax and gently push inwards, with the grain, rather than trying to go against the grain.


The melatonin works better without taking any meds. I have found that my AD works superior to regulating my sleep cycle.