Need to save money

By no means is my spending out of control. I have been pretty good in fact.

But apps like amazon and eBay are too easy to use. So have deleted my card info off them. Have got everything I need at the mo. Just ordered a whole load of e cig liquid. And my online grocery shop has my details, as do my subscriptions.

So am going to give my cards to my mum to keep for a good while. Just so I can’t make impulsive purchases. If I need cash mum will get it off her card and I will transfer the balance on my banking app.


That’s very responsible for you. I have to do that at times. When I’m manic, I go spending-crazy.


hey Jim, i dont need much atm as well, just the little things that i like the best like coffee, i think a lot of the things we take for granted but they all add up too, i spend at least a £5 on coffee a day, its about £150 a month :confused: i think i could save loads making it myself but its not the same.

i got a real good deal on my fuel bills at £15 a month, i put my boiler on eco mode and that makes a difference, also get the warm homes discount at £140 the maths is good over the year :slight_smile:

but i got problems with my internet atm and parking is a fortune :frowning:

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