Need to borrow money

Not sure if I should ask my daughter or my brother to borrow $100. My rent assist is delayed now for 3 months. Eventually I’ll get it hopefully at the end of the month. They pay back pay so I could get over $1000. I’m behind a bit on my phone bill and internet bill. Not much but I hate being behind on bills. Tomorrow I’ll call the companies to explain my situation and make a plan to catch up. The last few months have been pretty sucky. Hard not to just give up.

I’m probably gonna have to borrow money for the second time in my life. It’s a tough pill to swallow. I look for the lesson. It’s teaching me how to ask for help. That it’s ok to lean on other people once in awhile.

Being broke is nothing new to me. I know no difference.

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Hopefully they can help you out just to get you by.

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