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My daughter needs $50 to pay her storage bill and can’t find an odd job to pay it before it’s due on monday. She called to asked if I knew anyone needing help for pay. She already asked me to pay the bill but I told her I couldn’t help, but really I have plenty of money I’m just trying to cut her off because she owes me so much and isn’t paying me back any. I’m having second thoughts and wanting to call her to say I’ll lend the money, everything is in storage and I don’t want her to have late fees, that will just make things worse. Should I call and offer to pay?

  • yes, offer to lend the money
  • no, keep your $50 to yourself

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I did not vote as I think it is something you need to decide for yourself

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I’m really struggling, on one hand I don’t want to keep paying but on the other hand I think this is the wrong time to be drawing that line because everything they own is in that storage unit. I’m in quite a pickle.

any room to store her stuff at your place?

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I’m currently staying at my ex-husbands house and living out of boxes waiting for an apartment to become available myself so I can’t really help her as far as that goes. But I surely would if I could.

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I would make an exception this time and lend her the money and then go back to being strict on Tuesday.


Ok. That’s what I’m thinking too. Thanks.

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