Need support

I’m in a depressive episode this is a call for support. I need to be cheered up and told I’m lovable and that the bad things that have happened to me aren’t my fault.

This is Socrates, in the picture, right?
Well, I think all things pass. This also will pass.
Do you take antidepressant?
I take one and my mood is great

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Have you tried calling a local support number?

Yeah its socrates, I do take an antidepressant. Yeah all things will pass is one that helps me. I think this is because I’ve been messing with olanzapine. I hope it will level out. But for now I feel like ■■■■.

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Messing with olanzapine?
You mean you change doses?
I also take olanzapine and other aps.
It’s good. We lowered the dose of olanzapine and my new pdoc said that this will help lose weight

I tried lowering to 5mg but I experienced God and felt great fear. Now I’m on 7.5mg and feel depressed.

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Small doses. Don’t worry.
You think you feel depressed because of olanzapine?

I think that’s a big sign that you need a med change. There are other meds out there, right? Hope you feel better soon.

I think I feel depressed because of a bad experience with hospitalization in the past which I am feeling now because I have lowered the olanzapine to a point I am capable of being depressed and feeling bad.

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