Need opinions!? - Anyone tried Testosterone replacement therapy/steroids?


I just wanted to know if anyone has tried any kind of testosterone replacement therapy or steroids? How did it make you feel? Did it change your mood?

Also more importantly, did you notice any increases/changes in sex drive/libido?

Any advice/feedback would be highly appreciated!!

Talk about this with your doctor. T has been known to cause moodiness in most people, and could be worse for someone with a mood disorder. It has not been linked to an increase in psychosis, as far as I know, but every drug affects every brain differently. An endocrinologist would have more information.


I don’t have an immediate answer for you but your doctor has to order a relevant set of labs to help understand the problem. It would also be appropriate for you to be referred to a urologist.

Male sexual health that’s not only depend on testosterone alone. You also have to take into account estradiol levels, a protein called serum binding globulin, DHEA, prolactin level, and free testosterone. You could have low normal levels of testosterone but elevated levels of estradiol which also can cause the same effect. This can lower your sex drive and your inability to have energy.

For what it’s worth, I requested TRT for my negative symptoms and my psychiatrist said “there’s nothing in the literature to suggest the therapeutic value of testosterone [for schizophrenia].”

Testosterone can effect mood. So if you have any mood disorders that is something to watch for. Just make sure to be open with your doctor about all conditions you have!!