Need help!

I’m trying to taper down on meds, and I went from 7.5mg to 5mg zyprexa yesterday evening, but I had a hard time sleeping. I think the reduction might be too big, but 2.5mg is the smallest amount for these pills. But I called the pharmacy earlier, they said the pills I’m taking can’t be split/cut, then I called my doctor, and he said you could cut the pills if you want, so I don’t know who to believe.

What should I do?

I’m going from 7.5 to 5 of olanzapine tonight so I’m nervous about the sleep factor. I think if you get a pill cutter you could probably divide the dose.

I think maybe I’m going to call more pharmacies and get their recommendation. Maybe there’s another brand of olanzapine than the one I’m taking that can be cut. (or maybe the one I’m taking can be cut, and the person I spoke with earlier was wrong)


Hmm. . .

You Have To Remember You Are Not The Only Human Being On Thus Planet With Sleep Issues.

It May Not Always Be Medications.

I Started On Zyprexa. Ended Up With Invega.

I Slept All Day. Been Up All Night.

Actually Thought I Awoke Early In The Morning. Didn’t Realize It Was Night Until The Sun Died.

In My Mind Of Course.

Point Is…, Try To Look Into Your Eating Habits. Give Yourself Some Prep Time For Rest.

In Which Can Lead Into A More Hopeful Sight Into Sleeping Habits. Perhaps.

With The Advice From Your Psychologist And Doctor. As You Look Into Google For Some As Well?.

Oh!, And Keep On Trying With Medication Goals. I’m Not Really An Expert.

N e Hoo.

Jus Some Ideas. Original Kinda. Maybe Not. I Dunno Anymore. . . :wink:

Call another pharmacy to verify that the brand / medication you have can’t be cut.
Then, having that information, make your decision.

The doctor may not have all the information.
Normally the pharmacy would be the best judge, since it’s a pharmaceutical.


According to the crush and divde list to one of the biggest hospitals in my country olanazapine can be cut. The list does not mention anything about different brands.

I have been dividing them many times. No problems here.


@Ares I did call another pharmacy, they said that the brand I’m taking can be cut/crushed


ah that’s good. you can cut it then =)


Despite what pharmacists say, I have had good outcome using pill cutters.