Need help with anxiety Re: shower, please

I need to go to Target to get some supplies, but I just can’t get myself to shower. I really shouldn’t leave the house without showering. I am so anxious about it that I feel sick to my stomach. Does anyone have any suggestions to help? I need something… anything… to help me out.


When I have trouble getting myself into the shower, I do a hair mask to trick myself into getting in there.

You HAVE to wash out the mask, so once it’s on there, you must take a shower.

Maybe mix up some coconut oil, honey and apple cider vinegar and put it in your hair.

It’s good for your hair and you’ll be forced to take a shower.

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Just think the discomfort you’re going to feel is only minor and temporary and then you will feel refreshed and ready to go to the store and ready to face the world. You will feel good after. So take a deep breath and just push through the discomfort and take that shower, you can do it!

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Guys, I’m in full-out panic mode. I am shaking, breathing hard… panic attack? I don’t know, but I am in tears over this. I really need to go out. My sister needs pinto beans, and I was going to find some for her. My daughter was going to drive me. Now my TD is acting up, too, from the stress, and I am a hot mess.

You’re overthinking it.

Just take your clothes off and get in the shower.

You’ll feel better after you do.

Ask yourself, is ‘Pinto Beans’ the hill you want to die on?

Now after you think about that for a second…and start giggling…then get in that darn shower! :wink:


That’s what my husband says. It just isn’t so easy.

I’m listening to music to try to calm down. I set out clothes for myself, and I hung a towel over the shower curtain rack. I may try that face mask trick. I just got a new lemon verbena exfoliating clay mask I want to try. I love a good mask.

lol @anon39054230


Hey you have to stay at least six feet away from everyone. Who cares if you smell. That’s really terrible advice, though…:flushed::flushed::flushed:

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I love you, @anon78876561. I think I like your advice best. I can stink all I want, by golly.

I took a shower three days ago, so it’s not like I’m awful… I just have new clothes and undergarments, and I wanted to look nice. My daughter and I were going to go to the store and to the post office. We were going to be all spiffy. I just can’t seem to do it. I think I am going to buy this:

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I’d say promise yourself a shower when you get back from shopping. You’ll clean off any virus you might have picked up. And I agree with @anon78876561 Nobody will care if you smell and I doubt if anyone will notice.


That’s a good thought, showering after going out. I don’t know if you watch the office, but there is a scene where Meredith starts licking hand sanitizer. I so want to do that after every time I am out. Give yourself a break @Happy_H one thing at a time. I too don’t take showers as often as I should but I won’t feel guilty about it. Even brushing your hair a couple times is also good.


Ugh. I wish I could brush my hair. It’s curly, though, so once it’s “set” after a shower, I leave it alone, or it turns into a frizzy mess. And no one wants to see a Happy puff ball!

On a nice note, hubby is coming home to give me a PRN, and he stopped by the store to pick up the pinto beans. He also promised to help me get into the shower tonight. He’s very sweet like that. :relaxed:


Hubby with you in the shower? That’s a recipe for some serious fun…:wink::wink: you can easily wash your hair without a full on shower if you have a bathtub.


That’s what I was thinking (the hair, not the hubby in the shower- he hogs the water). I have a detachable shower head. I thought that if I took it just one step at a time, it might make it easier. I have major issues closing the shower curtain, and now that I’m bigger, I don’t like taking baths. :frowning:

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