Need help getting through withdrawals while switching meds

i cant do it, the withdrawal symptoms are too bad, i keep having panic attacks every time i try to not take the geodon as well as brain zaps, hot and cold feeling, legs shaking, insomnia, and other things the withdrawal was so bad the other day that i drank 500 calories of olive oil and took my meds and when i woke up in the morning was considering suicide,

i already talked about going to the ER to get mental help but I feel like if i went to the mental hospital they could help me with switching meds but my mom doesnt want me to go to the hospital and i am also afraid that they will keep me there and also I don’t want to have to take benzos in order to not have panic attacks because I think I will get addicted and

I looked at all the people withdrawing from Geodon and all of them it was horrible and they started to get withdrawal symptoms even while still taking the med just from lowering the dose,

I don’t want to stay on this med and I also don’t want to suffer for a long time and I am also afraid to switch meds now because I read abilify can make ur symptoms worse before making them better and I am afraid of that and everything I just cant do anything I am starting to have anxiety even on the meds now just thinking about stopping it again

You can’t be “kept” there unless you’re court mandated or sectioned if you live in the U.K. You can leave whenever you want they’ll just mark it as “against medical advice.” If I hadn’t left on my own from the program I was in they would’ve had me in there for months!!

I highly recommend doing inpatient for you because it sounds like it would be just what you need during this difficult transition. Does your mom not want you to go due to money concerns? Because that’s very understandable. Try to find out how long your insurance will pay for you to stay and stay that long at least.

Good luck!!

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Calm down. You need to speak to a medical professional. Can you make an emergency appointment with your psychiatrist?

I just saw my psychiatrist a few days ago but I called him but I haven’t taken the new med yet I am going to take the abilify 10 mg tonight I took my last Geodon dose last night


When you talk to you doc, ask for a short term anxiety prescription. I’m not sure they would give a benzo to a minor, but 5 or 10 pills with no refills to get you through a couple rough days is pretty safe. Have your mom dispense them to you as needed.

Go to the hospital if you need to.

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I cant call my doc becauseit is the weekend if I start feeling really bad I’m gonna ask my mom to take me to the ER


You might be ok once you take abilify. I think geodon and abilify are “cross tolerant”. So abilify might “mask” the fact that you’re coming off geodon. Maybe.


The hospital might be a very good place for you while you’re transitioning. They won’t keep you there against your will. More specifically, they won’t keep you there against your mom’s will. They have a limited number of beds, so they don’t keep patients there for longer than they have to. If your mom is concerned about the cost, I understand. You can ease the brain zaps by taking magnesium supplements. Just don’t take too many, because it can give you diarrhea. One pill a day should be enough.

Hope you are alright =(

I think u are right I just took the abilify and the brain zaps are gone and I am feeling less anxious


Yay! I got something right !

When I was coming off Geodon and Seroquel and going on Latuda I experienced intense anger. I went back to Geodon and Seroquel.

I had horocious time when I came of olanzapine and then latuda and was with out medication that time for a while.

If you switch medication with help of dr you may not have these problems.

When I switched from olanzapine to latuda it went well but when I was with out medication I felt so bad , anxiety, overwhelmed etc etc

You should probably not go with out medication but instead switch with help of a dr.

I have also tried doing it myself but advise you to see a dr and talk about it.
Get help.
There is help out there and things can get better.