Depressed on meds

I change drugs from Latuda to geodon. It’s been two weeks and I am getting more depressed everyday. Anyone else have this problem after changing drugs
Am also am getting a little suicidal

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i don’t know about the drug thing…don’t do meds.
but if you need to talk, maybe ring a helpline if you are thinking of suicide…or depression.
they are kind and will listen to you.
i have done it heaps of times. :sunny:
know someone cares. :heart:
take care :deciduous_tree:

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Talk to your doctor, that’s what they are there for. I don’t mean that in a mean way.

I tried to make an appointment but he is going on vacation and not taking appointments till the middle of August

When I took Geodon years ago I may as well have been eating M and M’s. Sorry if that is not helpful.

Wooo. That doesn’t sound right. He just left all his patients hanging? What are all his patients supposed to do while he’s gone? When my psychiatrist went on vacation, he had a substitute psychiatrist come in to cover for him until he got back. If you feel much more bad symptoms or side-effects there’s always the emergency room.
Or you could pull a “What About Bob” move and find your doctor at whatever vacation spot he is at and visit him there. Just kidding. But seriously, keep the ER in mind. Good luck, Cindy.