Near death experience

Today felt woozy and dizzy like I was about to die or pass out, felt really scared, told my mom that I needed to go to the hospital, but she told me to rest. Now feel a little better. Did anyone out there almost die or feel like it?

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inner ear exercises your doc can give you.

I have it all the time.

among other things.

Wanted them to declare me dead so I could underground like Eddie.


Who’s eddie1515?

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When the paramedics took my blood presure, it read 16/4. My pdoc said "oh-she’s dead!"
Unfortunately, a quick trip to ICU on a full moon, and I’m still here.

Another time, I smoked one whole cigarette by myself at a party sitting in a car with my friend-who smoked regularly.
When my head suddenly expanded so much it encompassed an entire train station, or so it felt, that I had to leave my body to get away from that stenchy cig smell.
Thought I had died.


Hi Csummers, felt I was out of my body too. Kind of made me panic:)


Eddie and the Cruisers, baby.

Never saw the whole movie.

“on the dark side…” song.

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Panic attacks yeah. I remember sitting backseat of the sober house van when iwas only on one klonopin at night per day and feeling I was gonna go comatose from a panic attack. My mind was leaving my body. Also had a similar experience in the hospital once.


Do you have a history of having panic attacks? They can feel like you’re actually dying, but it’s all just misplaced adrenaline.


Goodluck love! I have had mental illness induced NDEs: I don’t believe I was actually going to die.

Wont type my “nde” TW prolly.