Natural Treatments Anyone Knows about

Anyone heard of alternative treatments to meds?

That depends. Is the person in question already on medication?

Yes zyprexa and lithium

Zyprexa and lithium

Well then, most natural herbal remedies are out of the question as they can and do interact with medication. On another note, I have done acupuncture, hemisync, hypnosis, yoga, Pilates, ti chi, meditation, and nearly every herbal remedy available… None worked on a long term basis.

Acupuncture did work short term however. I still do it when I am really rough, you have to find someone licensed and with great reviews… I also took an herbal concoction called “calms” by hylands best. It helped anxiety short term, but, I would check with a pharmacist.

Niacin is said by some to combat psychotic sympthoms. The issues that all these vitamins have , is that there taken well over the recomended daily amount which in itself could cause problems in the long term

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doing ;
healthy food choices
not living in negative environments
no sugar
no alcohol
no drugs

take care


His a licenced psychatrist that treats schizo… With althernative medicine.

If you live close to his office goodlyck.

The sith definitely embraces a larger view of the force , not just the dogmatic view of the Jedi :smile:


we try to be open minded…!?!
take care


Eh yeah… Naturopathy?

i don’t know if it counts as “natural”, but sarcosine has probably helped me a great deal. my diet i’m trying to adjust again in hopes of reducin meds. that’s not looking great for me, but dare to dream. i’ve also found CBT really helpful for a lot of the co existing/co occuring issues, like anxiety and agoraphobia. exercise is also good for keeping my sleep happening regularly and that’s always positive.

i didn’t meet criteria for starting cognitive remediation therapy about three or so months ago, but i’m going to be re evaluated for it at the top of the year. it’s my hope that it does something for my crap attention span and now waning reading comprehension. the cognitive symptoms, in other words. it’s said to be incredibly helpful for them. i don’t know that i’ll ever be able to go off medication, but i do hope a lot of these natural type treatments, or therapy type things, will enable me to reduce or just have a full ish life.

Self-treatment is available for sz from heyday to the old-day,and that depend on
your understanding and answering about the question;
what happens in your mind-brain from the new phenomena,processes and
events after appearance of the internal symptoms within yourself ?

You should know the real facts of these phenomena ,until you can live your life
normally in the existence of them without effectiveness

in the case,if you ignore these phenomena,or have wrong ideas about its facts,
you can not deal with them correctly ,then you still suffer from its problems to the old-day