Natural/Traditional medicine in non western countries

Natural medication sounds too good to be true.

Maybe they have placebo effects which can be helpful but then why not just take medication that actually treats conditions

Yes it’s suppose to, my pill also has omega 3 and something else in it. My doctor said to take it. She has patients who have taken it and had good results. She said good diet too .

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homeopathy: much safer than much of western medicine. Because there is no active ingredient.

every time I hear an ambulance, I think somebody is taking some dangerous drug.

But homeopathy is the placebo effect, nothing more (or less)


I took Tongkat Ali for fsh and testosterone.

Did it work?

I have no idea. I didn’t get bloods done.

much of “traditional medicine” is folklore. However, a skilled practicioner can be helpful sometimes, and there are journals that study different types of herbal medicine with a scientific analysis, like Hindawi. Are they perfect? No.

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Yeah, it worked out so well for Steve Jobs.


yeah well…there’s meaning in madness. and madness in meaning.