Narcissism out of fear

I was looking into manipulation out of fear of revealing ones true thoughts and feelings because they would be judge and rejected.

I might be behind on this because i don’t know if that’s a thing or what is called.

The idea is that if you have a bit of communication skills, are afraid of rejection and judgment from others, want to be liked by others because your insecure, don’t want to upset others because that means danger then you can manipulate others for your own safety by using special structured language.

You can get a lot of things by the right combination of words including not revealing to much about yourself and making people like you because your attachment fear.

This makes me think of real narcisism, is this real narcisism, what do you guys think?

Narcissists don’t have empathy and need constant validation.

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Then why do they want people to like/admire them if it’s not because of validation?

My only answer is ppl like ■■■■■■■■ who like to shake things up. Narcissists are there to use you any chance they get.

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I see. I’m not really arguing either.

Im just saying the need to associate with important people (dsm5) is because they seek validation from others for how great they are

They will use people, to gain another type of validation, self validation. Since they like to brag how they ‘convinced’ others to do things for them.

I have my narcissistic neighbor to learn from. Real life experience right there

They are similar and by now i can tell who’s a narcisist by how they talk. (an avarage narcisist )

I think the high functioning narcisism is a myth or if it’s not its what i described in the op

Do you care about people whether or not they like you or not?

Do you hate people you can’t manipulate?

Do you demand those around you to stop having relationships with people who don’t like you?

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I am not much aware of the terms used,

but I believe all are not bad,

they have their bad times and some good times,

and at that moment they are labelled in that span of time,

I believe all can change,

if I am the worst/best human ever existed,

its not like I have no chance to change.

Life is really a beauty.

With out bad, good cant exist same goes vice-versa.

I feel I am off the topic. :sweat_smile:


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