Why do people want to be manipulated by others

I don’t understand all web is how to manipulate people and make them happy

I don’t think anyone want to be manipulated.

And where are you browsing if you find that kind of content?


YouTube it just doesn’t say manipulation but it’s manipulation

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To make others do something for you

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Most people understand if they are getting manipulated.

Sure, there are true narcissists who are good at hiding their true intentions who are good at manipulating and preying on the weak. But I don’t think that’s what we are talking about here.

If someone wants to be manipulated then it’s strange. I think they lack integrity. But I haven’t seen the video you are talking about so I can’t really say much.

I mean one of the manipulation tactics is to ignore people, by intention I mean purposefully and doing other ■■■■ to like them

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That’s not really nice. If a person is to use manipulation then he’ll be a very lonely person.

People can tell if something is off. People can tell if they are being used. Now or later.

These things tend to end very badly for the person doing these kinds of things.

True self esteem and confidence is what attracts people.

Narcissists are sick and those tactics steal energy from people.


I don’t understand at all. Who is manipulating? The media? That’s understood! Or do you mean teaching manipulation that’s like alt right weird shi t

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Yeah teaching manipulation

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Change your feed man. You’re watching bad stuff


Most of the time , almost anyone that has a platform, whether it’s news, politicians, tv shows(they mostly try to teach a lesson), ,movies, teachers, internet influencers, etc, are trying to influence or manipulate your thinking.

Almost everyone is trying to mold you to what they want. I think the key is to look at all points of view(some of the far out stuff might be safe to ignore), and draw your own conclusions based on everything. If you look at one point of view, they will most likely wear you down and make you believe. If you look at everything, you can make it your own.

Truly impartial influences are rare.

Anyway, be careful on this thread as some posts are drifting political and we cannot have that.

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Advertisements on TV are ripe with manipulation…they do a lot of research to sell products to their intended audience. Look at how fast food, candy, cereal is marketed to people. Even toothpaste commercials…you always see the person brushing their perfect white teeth with a big smile on their face!

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