Narcissism -- Other people thinking and death - I dont get it


I am officially undiagnosed because the NHS here in the UK doesn’t bother diagnosing you unless you are in need of medication. And you still need to wait months of referrals for them to pretend to care about your wellbeing.

I am a self aware Narcissist. I have made huge strides in empathy etc with the help of my partner but there are still things I just can’t seem to understand:

  • Like I cannot fathom that you are reading this in your head with your own inner monologue. Everyone everywhere is thinking, and feeling and dreaming. I can’t understand the vastness of it. I know it’s real but I have like a dreamy feeling inside of me that makes me feel like it’s not. It’s hard to explain.

  • I feel the same way about death. I know I can die, and one day I will. But it seems dreamily like it isn’t real. Like it’s only something that happens to other people and not me, but I have horrible paranoid thoughts of myself dying and it terrifies me.

Does anyone else have like a vague sense of something commonplace? Like its not that real, or like it can’t happen to you, even though you know deep down it can?

Those aren’t narcissistic delusions imo. The theory of mind that you speak of is something I’ve talked a lot about this forum in overcoming. I had to think a lot before I realized others had thoughts too. Others are conscious aware fiend for enjoyment. I attribute it to my schizophrenic lack of insight. Hope you find what you’re looking for here. :blush:

Oh no im definitely a Narco. Very much so in recovery, though of course it will never go away.

So you have problems understanding that people have thoughts too?

I have had in the past it’s something I’ve overcome through thinking about it…then I spent a year trying to put myself in the shoes of others. Like literally trying to put myself in their head. I thought it would make me psychic. Idk. But yeah something I struggled with much of my life, when I acknowledged it I thought I came up with some supreme insight no body had.

I heard it was called theory of mind. Crows are actually capable of it. The only animal capable of it. I saw it in a documentary on crows. They’re smart.

I didn’t think birds were that smart.

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I’m looking that Theory of Mind up now.

Crows and Ravens are surprisingly smart

It’s roughly what we’re experiencing. It says “deficits can occur in schizophrenia”

I’m pretty sure I don’t have schizophrenia. I came to this forum because my partner’s mum has it really bad and won’t take any help. Found you guys to be very helpful with some of my symptoms.