Naltrexone-a clockwork orange comparison

1 month from today I move to Washington. I’m 67 days sober.

Give someone naltrexone, let them drink on it. Then sober them up. Now the thought of alcohol only makes me sick. No cravings since July 2nd. When a clockwork orange goes right.


I’m missing this one…isn’t a clock work orange an overly violent British movie…revolving around a bad batman badguy and his henchmen…

It has been really cool seeing your progress from day 1 to now. It really gives me hope for others too.

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They give him a drug, expose him to violence, and when he thinks about violence he gets sick. Same idea with naltrexone. But it doesn’t backfire on me as it does on him. He gets beat up and stuff, I just don’t drink…

Thanks I just wish I could inspire other szs to try naltrexone

It has antipsychotic and antidepressant properties for me, along with anti drinking and anti insecurity/pro thicker skin properties . It’s allowed me to go down on abilify. What a great drug. A true lifesaver.

I’m glad it has been so wonderful for you. You’re going to kick ass at school!

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Clockwork Orange.
I read the book first when my best friend gave it to me when we were only 14.
I don’t think she had any idea what it was about, but I love science fiction.

Stanley Kubrick made it into a film in 1971, that many thought was genius.
He’s a great director and can turn anything gold IMHO.


I read the book too! Those devotchkas!