N-A-C Sustain has arrived by post (from Jarrow Brand)

I think its very potent medicine, but always be carefull my doctor sais on own risk so i asked to another psychiatrist the one i also trust i can do it because its in FASE 4

Does anyone know why i need to take it with fruit juice? i asked Willy G :slight_smile: hey WIlly hehe :slight_smile:

I think it tastes awful, that might be why you take it with fruit juice. Not sure though.

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Why don’t you just increase the dose of seroquel that you’re on. You said you were in a very low dose.

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i get very rapid heart beats attacks for an hour when i go above 200 mg i hate seroquel been living with witouth for a year and never been happyer

I hope NAC will save the day for my negatives


Jimbob like the Saphris non black cherry taste lol :S