My worst fear is becoming catatonic again

I just got out of the hospital, and I am terrified of returning. This is my second episode/hospitalization and the first one I was hospitalized for catatonia and was catatonic for two days. This time it was for a suicide attempt, but I was catatonic for a few hours this time too. My worst fear is becoming catatonic again but for a longer period of time, like weeks or months, and having them shock my brain or something… It makes me really scared because although my negative symptoms are much better, my catatonic and positive symptoms are increasing because this last breakdown I was so sure everything was real, I was so sure I was clear, crystal clear, and only after they forcibly medicated me did I realize I was wrong.

Good luck.

I went through a period of catatonic… It did last a long time. It was hard to move so for hours and days… I didn’t… It was hard to talk… and respond…

I felt covered in wax and unable to break out of the shell that held me.

The meds got switched… and adjusted and that helped me get out of the state I was in.

Keep an eye on your meds… your energy levels… and if you feel like your slowing down quickly, talk to a doc.

Hope things go well for you

I was catatonic for 4 days when I was hospitalized. I hardly remember that period. It’s like I was comatose. I remember my husband visiting me once, but he was there every day.