My wife is cooking early this morning for early thanksgiving dinner today

we wanted our “own” thanksgiving just us at home, so today we will feast on turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and gravy, with cranberry jelly sauce. yayyyy…my fave…do you think this is weird?


Not weird. Sounds nice.

I will have a thanksgiving with my spouse and dogs on TG day, but we will meet up my sister and maybe niece and nephew niece separate for a TG without everyone else.

So two TG.

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yep, we like to have a lot of leftovers from a turkey meal, so it is a win, win sitch with eating well for a week on not much money…yayy…and there will be desserts out the yang from my sister’s jam on thursday…love it…

Not any weirder that me making either lasagna or chili every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Both are a pain, so they’re special occasion foods.

Enjoy your day!


oh my first wife’s family always had a lasagna and rotini casserole thanksgiving…what food !!

I used to cook for the whole family on thanksgiving making gumbo and jambalaya…good times…I don’t think I would want chili for thanksgiving.

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