My Volunteer Job Results

So I talk about it a bit. This is a first grade standard turf cricket wicket we prepare down our club. We play tomorrow on Sunday for a 50 over a side one day game. It’s been wet so that hessian is to absorb the sweat when the big cover is on. Only 3 strips so it’s a bit of a balancing act. Soil is the key and it’s the same black soil that they use on the Gabba if your into cricket you’ll know Brisbane’s great test venue!


ive never seen a cricket field before. its not very common game here in states i suppose. so i guess thats why i dont understand most of what you were saying lol


It’s a fair cop. It’s a great sport and many skills similar to baseball. Difference is that the batter can stay in as long as they can and bowling you can’t throw…you have to bowl and keep a straight arm.

Have a look on youtube and see how it works. Great sport and very much based on skill!


I don’t know what you just said either but, hey, how you doing? lol What’s up honey?


looks great. it’s awesome you have a passion that keeps you active. and you go the extra mile, to care for the field. hessian? is that a type of grass? anyways nice job.


I once befriended a cricket lolol

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