My voices and my unfortunate fate

My internal, raging voices,

are merely negative, errant thoughts from my past.

My illness gave them identities, to put blame on.

I do not blame these persons for my troubles.

Only my illness is to blame.

Regardless, my fate entails,

That these voices will undoubtedly,

Ricochet back and forth,

Throughout my brain.

Haunting and harassing me,

Over and over again.

In defeat my medication,

Until the day I die.


please don’t lose hope…I hope this despair is just creative…and I wish you happiness.

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Oh Thank you @jukebox . Sorry if my poem is a little Debbie Downer! I am fine and don’t want to depress anyone either. I feel fully prepared for the voices with the help of my medication and support system on this website and iRL.

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oh good…I was kind of worried there for ya…

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And I wish you happiness too @jukebox ! :slight_smile:

I feel the same

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