My uncle died 5 years ago today

My uncle was a good guy. He had bi polar 2. He was in a band. He thought they were gonna make it, but there was another band from his neighborhood that made it first. It closed the door for his band. Dion and the Belmonts was the competing band that made it. If you’ve never heard of them.

Well my cousin went to his gravestone the other day and in her Bronx accent said “dad, show me some butterfly’s if you’re watching us” and all of a sudden 15 butterflies showed up and started landing on her. Freaky.

Well my uncle may have been poor his whole life, had tons of health problems, but he loved my mom, loved the Yankees, was a happy guy. RIP.

I was in rehab when he died. He died the same day as my cat. It was tough times. I had just been arrested for a psychotic break. When he died.


I’m sorry you lost your Uncle. He sounds like he would have been a great guy.

The story about the butterflies is kind of spooky, in a good way.

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Sorry to hear about this @turningthepage

It sounds like he made the best of life.

Take care.

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Hey man, sorry for your uncle :worried:

It’s great that he left that imprint on you though, I think that is one of the most beautiful things one can do with life, leave behind people who remember the good in us.

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