My Types of Delusions

i found this article explaining the types of delusions, and i believe i have some of them including…

Delusions of reference: This is when the person believes, for example, that things written
in a newspaper or stated in a newscast, passages found in a book, or the
words in a song are about him/her.

Grandiose delusions:
Grandiose delusions involve the belief that he/she has exceptional power, talent or worth, or is someone famous. He/she may believe he/she is God or some other type of deity.

maybe possibly one more but here is the article…

it says that anti psychotic medication can help with these delusions, but i truly believe that no amount of medication will ever shake these delusions…these delusions do not affect my life in any way, i just believe these things…i do not alter my behavior at all…i just go with it…what do i have to lose? They recently increased my medication Geodon 60mg’s to 80mg once daily…

What are your thoughts? Can anybody relate?

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I had both delusions of reference and grandiose delusions, and I just got lucky with abilify. I don’t have them now.

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Please don’t frown on meds. I think you just aren’t taking the right med or not enough meds. I had the same delusions you have and prolixin fixed all that. You don’t have to suffer. talk to your pdoc.

I had these delusions on seroquel, and when unmedicated, so @jukebox is correct, maybe it’s a matter of finding the right meds.

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ok i get it delusions of reference that what i had thank you for finally giving me the correct definition even the doc could not do that and i also had grandiose delusions i was like a god LOL

the thing is that im not suffering with these delusions, i just find myself angry…

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I still have delusions of reference, even though I am medicated. I can handle them, though. You didn’t mention paranoid delusions. Sometimes I get fearful that people are putting things in my food and drink.

The meds only give you the ability to alter your behaviour. Your behaviour (habits) won’t change without a conscious decision on your part to do so.



I probably have all the delusions listed and probably some that haven’t been invented yet. Antipsychotics don’t really change the delusions just make them a little more cheery. Still, I have a job, a wife, and a family. So what if I believe my delusions are real?


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Delusions have quite a range. Some are harmful some are not.

And then there’s classic case delusions. Those ones are Definitely harmful. Yup had those.

I would say the delusions you are making up in your head as fanciful creativity might lead to hospitalizations. After awhile they become facts that you relize have been around since you were born, then you learn to live with them.

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it really becomes a fact since it happens so often to not be a coincidence…the chances of these events happening are so low that it becomes insanity…

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just because someone thinks your beliefs are delusional doesnt mean they are right . maybe you are right and its just a matter of them not believing you i believe absolutely that is the case with me - in which case they are the ones who are really delusional . either way if the delusion is not having a bad or harmful effect on you or anyone else its a case of ‘if its not broken why fix it?’ . i believe that people who believe in silly religion are delusional but i dont feel the need to force them to change their minds about it they can believe whatever they want . I absolutely believe what others consider to be a “delusion” and if thats called lack of insight i guess i have that ( and i think they have it )

Ditto here.
and to Walita with that fat diamond ring. No carrot tied to the stick for me. Still ended up with that ring though, too bad I don’t recall where I laid it, hope someone else can use it.


In my case my “delusions” have been induced by someone who needed me to have them more than I really wanted to know.

i just find myself wishing for an answer to why and how these things are happening to me…at the same time i become angry because i don’t know the answer…

when i want insight into something i ask God to give it to me and that seems to work great

I believe that my delusions are true otherwise I wouldn’t believe in them. I can say that for the most part, voices and delusions are often true but operate on a different timeline that linear. You might be hearing or believing something that hasn’t happened yet, or will happen in a way you do not yet reliaze


I do not wish to be rude or offend n it is not personal but

I had a time period where I was against homosexuality.
I beleived in caining (hitting with Cain) them to correct them.
I had thoughts it was bad for energy etc
This could of been a delusion.
I’ve been to Marty gras .theres homosexuals I love .
How is someone else’s sexuality or sexlife any one else’s business unless it’s illegal .

I have had some really strict n anal view n stand points .maybe anal in a bad way.
Strange thing is I didn’t practice what preach live it or look it but may of been possessed n not myself.

I seem to have been right winged.

It did not come from family. These views.
On contrary .
Maybe it came from delusion …

I do not think I beleive such any more.
How could I have been like this…

I think I may want to swing left ?
I want more easy going ,love ,acceptance

I’m confused where I stand now?

Was that really my beleifs ,opinions ,thoughts or did someone put them there…?

I don’t know where to vote
I truly do not know.
What if I vote for my enemies somehow…
Wouldn’t suprise me but they probably hiding in all parties…
Darn if so darn if don’t