My Triglycerides are OVER 500! Which Meds are to Blame?

I take Abilify 15 and Seroquel 100 every day. 6 months ago I had my cholesterol checked with normal labs and everything was perfectly normal. I had a physical yesterday and they called to tell me my triglycerides (a type of cholesterol) are over 500, which is considered “dangerously high”.

I know some APs can cause high cholesterol. Which of these is more likely to be the reason, Abilify or Seroquel? If I stop the medication will my cholesterol go back to normal? Waiting to hear back from my psychiatrist!!! SO FREAKING SCARED RIGHT NOW like does this mean I’m gonna have a heart attack at any second I just don’t know.

Please talk to your doctors about it.
My guess would be Seroquel.
But I’m not a doctor :slight_smile:

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That’s at a normal level for me and I’m just on abilify. Abilify did raise my blood sugar though and they put me on metformin for it and it’s normal now too.

But I freaked out like you when I found out about the high blood sugar.

The important thing is you’re getting blood tests and catching these problems.

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According to this article it’s probably not abilify. But who knows.

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Sugars and carbs can contribute to this.

Definitely talk to your dr, he or she would know much more than we do. I had to get lipid panels done every few months when I was on Zyprexa, never had to have it done while on Abilify, and I wasn’t on Seroquel long enough to need or know about any sort of testing. Triglyceride is just a fancy word for fat; eating a lot of fatty/greasy food would contribute.

I don’t eat fatty or greasy food. I had to cut that out of my diet over a year ago because of my gallbladder and over the past six months have cut out carbs and added more fruits and vegetables. My diet is great.


I have high Triglyceride.
High — 200 to 499 mg/dL (2.3 to 5.6 mmol/L)

According to Mayo Clinic,

Having a high level of triglycerides, a type of fat (lipid) in your blood, can increase your risk of heart disease.

High level of Triglyceride may kill me while Schizophrenia does not.

I have high triglycerides too.
Over 300 something.
My meds will eventually kill me but at least I’ll die sane.


I think before my Meds all my blood readings were normal. The only one that was different was my blood pressure was very low. After being on Meds for like less than 3 years the fat level in my blood went up markedly. It’s probably because since being on Meds I pretty much only eat junk. The Meds make me crave it more than usual and I cut out all the other food cuz otherwise I’ll become 600 pounds. My weight is stable and healthy but my diet is not. I know it will probably cause me to die young but as @Wave said I’d rather die young and sane than lose my mind

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Seroquel I believe is known to impact triglycerides though honestly I cannot remember why or how exactly. Something to do with changed metabolism or storage of them. Abilify does not have any known relationship to them though. So seroquel is most likely the culprit.

The only time my triglycerides have been reasonably low was when I was seriously into weight training. Risperdal made things worse but I had high trig’s even before I had sz. I take Lovaza which helps keep my blood from clotting. Going vegan would probably cure it but I still love bad food. Don’t drink any alcohol though… I have a slightly fatty liver.

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Foods like bread, potatoes, rice, sugar, jams, jellies and syrups contribute to high triglycerides.

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