My therapist kinda re-ifnorced my delusions...but i ignore it

she said “maybe youre not the chosen one, but youre part of the chosen few” she went on to say she thinks I’m spiritually and consciously on a higher level than your average man/woman. She said my biggest strength is that I really “care about what people are saying and doing on a higher level than most people” like I’m more empathetic I guess…and that’s what she thinks really separates me from everything else. her thoughts that I am more in tune with animals and nature and people and the universe and she says she can see a connection between me and God.

This is my old therapist I haven’t seen her in 5 months or so but she said all this to me. Well thanks for the compliments… but I told her “no such thing as a famous Taoist…besides Lao Tzu…so even if I am on another level than people it doesn’t matter at the end of the day unless you believe in God and he is judging us based on our level of spiritually at the end of our lives”

But she compared me to her friend who is not famous in any way but she said “she is spiritually connected to it all, you can see the connection to God with her and she just has this presence in the room” and claimed I have a similar presence. I dunno she really thinks I have a purpose here, if not the chosen one then something else :expressionless:

Kooky therapists…


This is highly unprofessional,

You need to find a new therapist, homie.

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