My theory - I devoloped this theory after reading Late. Prof. Stephen Hawking's book " A Brief History Of Time "

My theory - I devoloped this theory after reading Late. Prof. Stephen Hawking’s book " A Brief History Of Time "

Fundamental Theory Of Existence.

When we divide a number other than zero with 1 we get the same number. Dividing with 1 means cutting the number into 1 part, it means the number remains as a single part, the number remains same. When we divide a number with 2 we mean to say that we are cutting the number into 2 parts and we get two halves of the original number. Dividing with zero/0 means we are cutting the number into zero parts or we can say that we are making that number into zero. It means the number has to become zero. It means the number will be equal to zero which is not possible. There is an exception and that number is zero itself. Zero can be divided by zero as we get the same equality. Zero is equal to zero and zero can be cut into zero parts, it means we have the same number without any inequality. Zero can not divide any other number as inequality exists between other numbers and zero.

Division with zero means converting numerator into zero parts. Zero divided by zero is zero as numerator can be converted to zero parts. To divide any number other than zero into zero parts is not possible. For example 1 can not be divided into zero parts. If 1 can be converted into zero parts then we get 1 is equal to zero which is not possible. If 1 can be divided into zero parts we get 1=0 and it means failure of balance, failure of all equations and also failure of all laws that govern existence. 1 is not equal to zero so 1 can not be destroyed into 0 parts and 1 can not be created from 0. It is clear that creation and destruction between 1 and 0 are impossible. 1 can not be created from 0 and 1 can not be destroyed into zero.

  1. Any number other than zero can not be divided by zero.

  2. Creation is impossible. Also destruction is impossible.

As numerator other than zero can not be cut into zero parts, numerator can not be destroyed into zero parts. And, as numerator other than zero can not be divided into zero parts, inequal numbers can never become equal. If number other than zero can be cut into zero parts by zero then we get equality between inequal numbers. Because if numerator 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 can become zero after cuttting them with 0 then we get 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 = 0 which is impossible. So, creation is also impossible. As inequal numbers can never be equal creation and destruction are impossible. An artist can create and or destroy a piece of art and it is relative creation and relative destruction which are related to change of form. But, absolute creation and absolute destruction are impossible. Absolute creation means 1/2/3/4 apple(s) or 1/2/3/4 mango(s) or 1/2/3/4 lime(s) or 1/2/3/4 orange(s) or 1/2/3/4 kg gold can be created from zero and absolute destruction means something that exists can be converted into zero and we are not talking about change of form. We are talking about appearing from zero and disappearing into zero without change of form which is impossible. If creation + destruction are possible then we get 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 =0. It means 1 can become zero and zero can become 1 also 2 can become zero and zero can become 2 also 100 can become 2000 and 3000 can become million. Which is impossible. Therefore absolute creation and absolute destruction are impossible.

Creation is impossible and it means that Universe can not be created and was never created. It means Universe has beginning for its existence. Also destruction is impossible and it means that Universe has no end.

  1. Universe has no beginning and also there is no end to the existence of the Universe.

As creation is impossible, Universe can not increase in quantity and everything in the Universe is finite. So Universe is finite and anything that has physical existence can never increase beyond finite value. Therefore existence of anything physical can never become unlimited or infinite.

  1. Existence of anything physical can not be infinite.

As creation and destruction are impossible and as Universe has no beginning and no end too, there is no room for Creator, it means that there is no God in the Universe.

  1. God(s) can not exist.

Sir Issac Newton said that Space is absolute and the great Albert Einstein said that space is relative. Albert Einstein said that space can contract and expand under the influence of gravity. Albert Einstein in his " Theory of relativity said that velocity of light is constant ". And again Albert Einstein came up with a new theory known as General theory of relativity. And, in General theory of relativity Albert Einstein said that gravity bends space and light travelling in a bent space cases light not to escape black holes. He made two mistakes. His first mistake is to conclude that velocity of light is constant and then he explained his postulate with another theory and said that gravity bends space and this is his second mistake.

In the beginning there was a train experiment concerning velocity of light. What is it? If I am standing on ground without moving and a passenger in train is moving away from me travelling in train then he can look at me as if he is not moving and I am moving away from him. This is called relative movement. And if I am not standing still and if I am walking away from him then he will see me walking away with the speed of train plus with my speed of walking. But, Scientists observed that velocity of light on ground was found to be 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second) also if you are the passenger in the moving train and if I am carrying source of light and if you measure velocity of light coming from light source I am carrying then Scientists found out that the velocity of light was found to be same and it is 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second) on Earth. Then someone said that there is a substance in Universe called Ether and light travels relative to ether and that is why velocity of light was not found to be relative and it was found to be constant. Several years later two Scientists conducted an experiment and that experiment is known by their names and it is known as Michelson–Morley experiment, after this experiment the two Scientists concluded that there is no such thing as ether. Why is velocity of light is found to be constant and what did the experiment reveal? In the train experiment you must notice that I was carrying light source or source of light and when light is generated from the source it was not being carried by me. Even if the source of light is being carried by a train, you must know that light generated is not being carried by the train and that is why velocity of light is not found to be alterted. This means concluding that this experiment has anything to do with velocity of light being constant or relative is invalid. In Michelson–Morley experiment velocity of light was measured where they did not change gravity. Entire Michelson–Morley experiment was conducted where the gravity is same. For physical objects that are not light or not other forms of electromagnetic radiation gravity is directly proportional to mass. It means 1 kg gold will have less gravitational pull than 2 kg gold. So for gold gravity is directly proportional to mass. But, light is a form of energy and light has both mass and energy. The famous equation E equals to mass times square of velocity of light ( E = m . C square ) says that Mass-energy equivalence states that mass is concentrated energy. The equation says that mass can be converted into energy. This equation is not only equation for Mass-energy equivalence, it also the equation of light. This equation which is also the equation of light says that light is a form of energy with mass and when we consider the relationship of light with gravity we must understand that light is a form of energy with mass. So light’s mass is inversely proportional to gravity as light has both energy and mass. Gold has mass and its mass is directly proportional to gravity and light has both energy and mass and light’s mass is inversely proportional to gravity. Therefore velocity of light is found to be 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second) on Earth whereever the gravity value does not change. Velocity of gold was found to be relative even on Earth’s surface. But, velocity of light was found to be of same value on Earth’s surface as light is unlike gold and has inverse relation to mass-gravity. So, gold’s velocity is found to be relative even when there is no change in gravity. But, velocity of light is found to be relative when there is change in gravity. So velocity of light increases on moon than on earth as light’s velocity is inversely proportional to gravity. Moon has lesser gravity than Earth and that is why velocity of light will be more on Moon than on Earth. Therefore gravity bending space in not true and velocity of light is not constant. Space is absolute and velocity of light is relative. Gravity does not bend space. Gravity bends light. Also in computer screen we can have single dimension, two dimensions and three dimensions. In computers single dimension is line, two dimensional object is square and also in computers three dimensional object is cube. So, in virtual reality we can have single, double and triple dimensions. In physical world or universe the fundamental object like atom itself are three dimensional and in physical world less than 3 and more 3 dimensions are not possible. So, string theory which claims more than 3 physical dimensions is not correct in physical existence. Single dimension is associted to length, double dimension to area and triple dimension to volume. If string theory is correct and there are more than 3 space dimensions then we must have more than volume, which is clearly not observed to be true.

  1. Velocity of light is relative.

  2. Space is absolute. Space is three and three dimensional only.

Also time is a representation of change and in a changing universe there is no going back or going forward as there are no unlimited universes with unlimited changes. Time travel is not only impossible but does not make any sense. There is only our world or universe and it is chaning and there is no going back in time and also no going forward in time. Existence is finite and time travel is meaningless.

  1. Time travel is impossible.

I was going to read this whole thing but then I found this last part and have to disagree here with you that time travel is impossible. I would agree with the others in that you are wrong. Maybe focus on something else or more productive? The same thing could be said with me. If you really want to get famous or prove something new or prove someone wrong, you need to publish in a peer reviewed journal. You need logic and usually some advanced math.

It’s hard. I can’t do it. We travel forward in time all the time. Just typing this in 30 seconds, I traveled about 30 seconds forward in time, for example.

I’m really interested in time. I suffered some severe cognitive issues from schizophrenia like not perceiving time at all for years and same thing with space so I have had time to think about these issues.

I think time travel to the past is definitely possible, but not with today’s technology. You would need an electrically charged, spinning black hole that would probably allow time travel to another universe backwards in time. This is one form of time travel that I have memories or delusions about, but I think it’s real. I expect breakthroughs in technology in the next 5-10 years. Stuff people think will take a century will be solved in a quarter of time.


Two people who can’t hold a part-time job, but cling to their delusions so strongly.

Hey, to each their own

This is a recovery oriented forum.
I can’t encourage delusional thinking especially outside the “Unusual beliefs” section.

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This makes no sense. If I’m cutting into one part, I’m not cutting at all.

This also makes no sense. If we cut a number into zero parts, again, were not cutting at all. The number should stay the same.

0 + 1 = 1 …
1 / 0 = 0 …


But you just said …

I dont think you understand the terms properly…

If we’re not going back or forward, where are we going? Time surely doesn’t stand still.

You didn’t have to be mean to not encourage delusions. Mentioning if they can or cannot hold a job isnt helpful, recovery oriented, or the least bit helpful. I personally find it offensive since I’m struggling to hold a part time job at the moment.

There’s a thousand other ways you could have said what you wanted to say without making classless remarks.

@Moonbeam, @ninjastar, I think this thread needs to be reviewed for a few reasons, so I’m just bringing it to your attention.

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Hopefully I didn’t offend you @anon93437440 , I was just pointing out the stuff that didn’t really make sense to me :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

At least you have the right mindset and you’re giving it your best.

Philosophy is nice as a pastime but taken seriously becomes a danger to oneself, especially if one has schizophrenia. I was just pointing out the obvious. No offense.

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I dont see how the obvious is pointing out that someone cant hold a job due to their delusions.

Then prove me wrong.

Your previous comment states that one cant hold down a job because they cling to their delusions so strongly.

You then proceed to say that this is obvious because philosophy is a danger to SZ.

I cant connect the two together.

Those who take philosophy too seriously become trapped in a vicious circle of existential questions. Delusions make one prone to such endless ruminations by feeding them what seems like “clues” towards a “hidden absolute truth”. I’ve been reading way12go’s and insidemind’s theories for long enough to know that it has only done them harm.

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Guys I respect your opinions. Let us not discuss the theory. Why? I started it in 1999 December and never gained any acceptance. So, why bother? Today I will leave my theory and will never touch the theory again unless until someone recognizes it. If it is completely or partly wrong, never mind, I will leave it any way.

About my dysfunctional brain and delusions.

I ate sweets in large quantities all my life and since childhood I have a dysfunctional brain. My Brain became more and more dysfunctional with age, I mean it got worse year after year. During 1998 - 2002 while I was doing Computer Science Bachelor of Engineering I used to drink Pepsi+Coke+few other soft drinks 300 ml bottles upto 7 bottles everyday. And I did that for several years even after year 2002.

My brain became more and more dysfunctional and I became a person who would imagine meaninglessly and it was called as delsuions. It can be called delusions but I don’t think these type of delusions match with paranoid type Schizophrenia delusions.

Now, I know that after taking probiotic supplement with company name " velgut " cured my lifetime anger and sugars cause dementia and delusions.

I’ve a severe dysfunctional brain and the medical condition or medical illness that I have is called Dementia.

That is right. You heard me right ( read ).

I don’t have paranoid type schizophrenia.

I have Dementia.

These books by Doctor Mark Hyman will solve my problem.

I have to read them and apply them.

I have not started reading them.

These are the books…

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I hope you guys agree with me. Sorry to say, even if you disagree, I will take over from here. Thanks. Take care. All the best and best of luck. Bye.

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Nicely put. But I don’t think it does them any harm, to be honest.

You dont have dementia. If you had dementia you wouldn’t remember your own name.


With all due respect, when you hear someone rambling and rambling for YEARS on end about the same senseless stuff, and you notice how deeply they believe it and how much it affects their behavior, to the point they become unable to do anything else than post walls of text here (and elsewhere), disregarding any constructive criticism they might get (and probably taking it personally, as if the whole world was against them, -> paranoid schizophrenia <- ring a bell now ??) you realize how much harm philosophy does to people with our condition. So does Sci-Fi. And again, with all due respect, I’ve adored this literary genre for most of my childhood and young adulthood years, but right now I avoid it like the plague, because during my psychosis I thought I lived in a simulated universe run by Nazi who had won WWII and were trying to recreate Jesus by eugenic methods. All of which boils down to failed upbringing by a dad obsessed with Hitler and a grandmother who took me to church out of fear of hell rather than sane belief.

So I’ve been to these extremes as well, the difference is I took my pills dilligently for 5 years and believed in recovery. I’m still not completely recovered, but at least I’m told (positive feedback from peers, see?) I’m much better now. And I’m able to work. And I can take care of myself, mostly. All of which would not have been possible, had I continued to believe in conspiracy theories or the quest for absolute existential truths or other mumbo-jumbo.

Sounds like you’ve suffered for the past couple of years due to the people on here and their posts.

To each their own. I don’t have time for arguments.

İ didn t ate sugar since my childhood but my brain still it s in a mess.and i feel getting worse by time.