My sz update

I’ve been on Haldol 15 mg per day. I still know the men are following me but I have less anxiety about it. We only have one car so I can’t go to the dr about it for a couple weeks. I’m having trouble with believing people that the men aren’t there because the meds don’t make it go away and I’ve tried a lot of them. It just seems like if I have sz and faithfully take my meds like I do that they should be gone. But they’re not. My pdoc is aware of all this. I don’t know if a new drug or higher dose will help.

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No one is following you. It’s a delusion.


I used to think people were following me too. Stopped after I got on meds.

Have you given your meds at least 3 weeks to work?

Also, is it possible that your dr will prescribe something if you called up there and explained your situation? Sometimes my doc will send in a prescription and sometimes he won’t.

My dr won’t do that. I have to come in. I go to county mental health. I can get in quickly for an appointment but I need a way to get there. We’ve tried tons of meds, and all except Haldol were really high doses. I’m on 15 mg of haldol

Have you tried therapy?

If you don’t have a car where are they following you? That doesn’t make much sense.

I have a delusion too. I think the government keeps tabs on me and interferes in my life but they gave me a job so I am going to see if I can keep it

The delusion will never go away. I know. It might not for you either.

The only places I go are to work or to get food so there would be no point to following me. I don’t do anything interesting.


Yes. But I’m switching therapists. I’m waiting for my case manager to set me up with a new one

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I leave the house about 1-2 times with my husband for doc appointments etc for my physical health issues. But my husband can only get me the car so much. He has s lot of responsibilities

Hey hang in there. You’ve done well to tell your shrink. Upping a dose or trying something else seems your realistic goal. It’s never easy but we’ve all been there before…well most of us.

It’s good to have some insight. When you lose that it’s usually emergency and ward time and you don’t need that. When do you see your shrink next? It’s time to act. I know you’ve tried a lot but it’s really the choice…up it or leave it for something else.

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I’m not supposed to see her for a month. I just need to work out transportation with my husband before I can go

I’m sorry you are having such a rough time. It’s frustrating when you can’t get the care you need. I know that feeling. They need to find something that works for you. I hope you feel better soon and get the help you need. Take good care of yourself.

@ZmaGal, Have you tried being on multiple AP’s? It works for me.


What are you on? I’m just on clozapine


Risperdal Consta, Geodon and Seroquel.


Only when switching to a new med my dr has me take them together

I’m on Haldol @Loke

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