My Sz Trap

I work part-time…make about 30k per year…

Whenever I’ve tried to work full-time hours I crash. It’s my Sz and creaky back. People think I’m lazy and unmotivated. I feel the heat all of the time. But I do what I can. I suppose I’m further ahead than most with this affliction, but the condescending attitude some have towards me with regards to my work issues starts to weigh on me sometimes.

I’d like to make more money to provide better for my family. But every time I try to go the extra mile, I end up sore and exhausted. I feel I’m in a bit of a box.

Do any of you feel you face stigma from your inability to work…or from not being able to work enough?


sorry @PatrickT =(

I make 25-30 % of what my partner makes and it makes me feel like ■■■■. I keep taking jobs but I just can not do it either.
I feel like a housewife sometimes. I work from home and now I have a cat too so :smile:

You are doing your best. Maybe as a ‘man’ it is different but you are also an artist and you make music, so chillax and your family loves you =)

Wish I could hear some grateful words too. But whatever. I guess it is nice to feel ‘good enough’



You have a lovely way of expressing yourself. Thanks for cheering me up! :sunny:


@PatrickT if you are so scared about taking care of your family the best thing you can do is stay consistently on your psych meds !!


I’m on monthly injections now, @jukebox.


good to hear. yayyyy…you are so cool Patrick…I’m sorry we had words. but I hated it when you weren’t on meds and were plummeting down…scared me.


You and I get along for the most part. We ruffle each other’s feathers a bit from time to time, but we’re both big enough to let it go and continue communicating.

This is a good thing! :wink:


I have no qualms with you anymore…your family is safe now so I feel good about you.


I get by on half of what you make.
My motto is, it’s not what you make that matters, it’s what you spend that counts.
When folks ask me what I do for work, I tell them “I Don’t” and when they always have to ask Why not? I tell them, “Because I can.” Then change the subject.

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yes, I feel it too

I have a big family, they know little about my life, when they see me and ask what i’m doing i dunno wtf to say. At least ur working part time. And have a family. And making living wage. This illness can really rape ur life, count urself lucky that u r one of the ones that can get by with gusto


I go to the gym, I go to school. That’s a lot of stress on me already. And my family always tells me to get a job when I can hardly keep up with those two things. And the guy I go to get my haircut told me last time “kids just want to claim they have a disability and not work”.

One guy encouraged me to get a job where he works full time but I don’t know if I could handle that. I’m like you @PatrickT whenever I try to work my SZ creeps in. One time I went full blow psychotic during training and the trainer said to the group “you can do the work, whether you’re young, or you just want people to think you’re crazy” and he looked at me. I ended up going back home on a bus and my Dad yelled at me for not succeeding.

It’s tough out here for a guy. We are held to a high standard that I don’t think any of us will meet.


I’m so sorry those things happened to you, @anon1571434.

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Thank you @Anonaccount but I may have left out that even though we may not meet those standards, we try and some of us succeed. And some of us make standards for ourselves and succeed at that.

Endorse yourself for knowing your limitations.

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Endorse yourself for knowing your limitations!

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