My sz is worse and I take more meds because of the stigma?

Please share your thoughts on this subject. I’m doing good know but ive been there. Think it even keeps some of us from employment .

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i used to take 160mg of geodon and 4mg of risperdal, back when it was permitted by the FDA, so i know what it can feel like to be doped to the gills. the truth of the matter is, good medical care for schizophrenia is hard to come by. i didn’t realize how lucky i was with my psychiatrist. when the doctor makes himself the enemy when he pulls out the prescription pad, the patient just starts lying about what he’s taking. the illness then becomes impossible to treat, even for a good doctor. my compliance with the antipsychotic is easly in the 90-100% range. I never, ever choose not to take it, though sometimes I’m up for 24 hours and miss half a dose. my compliance with the mood stabilizers is somewhere in the 80% range. It takes me two months to take a bottle of klonopin though i function better on three a day.

patients that aren’t prescribed an appropriate dose of medicine because they lie to their doctors . . . what does it matter? take half a dose for three days to bring in some fantasy to avoid the grim reality of what you’ve missed out on and the uphill battle to salvage something from life. when the fantasy turns dark, double down on the pills to stabilize. that, a pack of cigarettes, and a patio chair. isn’t that the prognosis?

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I agree that meds r important. But there’'s more to recovery than just meds. At least that’s what be found.