My Sunday morning today

My Sunday morning was nothing special. I got a call early in the morning that again one person whom we have known had died. After that I looked at my fridge only to find out I had no food nor drinks, I did not even have any coffee or milk for coffee. Gladly the grocery store opened at 9.00 and so I went there to buy food, coffee etc. Then back in my place I made coffee.


Mine started at 2am. Managed to get a few more hours sleep though. I might have to also get some food as my parents are coming round soon, and they might want sandwiches for lunch.

A part from that, going to be a relaxing day I hope…

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Glad you enjoyed your coffee it’s always satisfying to buy more milk for a cup of coffee
I drink tea myself

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@mjseu you got any more plans for the day?

Supposed to be a nice day where I am today

It is rainy and cloudy today, maybe I’ll go riding my bicycle …

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That’s good. I like the rain sometimes. It can be refreshing walking in it.

I may also ride my bike to see my nan. She lost her husband of 30 years in January and is on AD’s, so if I go there it might cheer her up.

Today was an okay day, nothing special, I rode my bicycle just 8 kilometers, I am a little depressed after hearing the news that some people whom I have known have died. Well, it is life and we must live every day of it, I was happy with my morning coffee, could not wake up without coffee, I hope your day is okay.

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