Made some morning coffee

It is 4:00 am here and it is soon light. Summer is coming. I made some coffee and feeling now quite ok. Today will be a good cycling weather.


Cycling is so relaxing. It’s exercise but you get to sit.

I will be using the cycle machine when I go back to the gym in a month.

I wish you a nice peaceful cycle

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They had coffee on sale in one grocery store. I got 2 kg. Now I have over 3 kg coffee. I somehow enjoy these early morning moments. Just to be alone, maybe browse the net and waiting to see the sunrise.


Hey, it’s coronation day! I couldn’t sleep and got up after two hours of craziness.


Morning coffee is so good to have. But I need a good climate and neat room view to go with it. And some book library in the back to select some books.


Cycling was great today. It is still a little cold, +8C, but it was nice and peaceful to ride my bicycle. Tomorrow is another cycling day.


I’m going for a walk to the dollar store this morning to look for tie downs and to re-up my pills at the pharmacy. I think I will take the e-Scooter for a spin around the neighbouring town of Chestermere if the rain holds off.

Edit: Having some coffee from the French Press. The replacement Keurig arrived yesterday so I’m going to try it out. The original one died and then the warranty replacement was dead on arrival so they sent this one.


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