My 'Spectacle Delusion'

This is the fifth time I’ve had it…that I have somehow become some giant Media spectacle.

I’ve spoken to family and friends, and they’ve all reassured me that nothing is going on that I should be concerned about…that I’m a nobody.

This is very good news for me. I felt I had to take an action over the next couple of days to get this…(drum roll)…(cough, cough)…unite the world.

So I’ve decided to just lay low for the next few weeks till this all blows over. I’ll let somebody else save the world this time.

My brother told me that being a Hero means going to work each day…providing for and raising my family…and being there for my wife and kids…and ditching these grandiose delusions.

But I’ve never thought of myself as a Hero…I was just always the Messenger.

Anyhoo, the logical side of my brain is slowly winning over the creative side as I continue to take my increased medication.

Thank you all for putting up with all of my nonsense over the last couple of weeks. :sunny:


I am so glad to see you posting in a more lucid state. I have been worried for you.



The world has been Santa Hatted! :sunny:

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I feel there are 3 steps I have to take.

This is the first…go to the family…

This is the second step…

Which will lead to this…

And finally this…

Glad you are feeling better :slightly_smiling_face:

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nice to hear you doing better. Hope things keep improving.

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