My sister bought my Auntie an ac unit

My son in law installed it in her window this morning. Just in time for this terrible heat wave we’re having. It’s supposed to be 95F on Tuesday. Everyday it just gets hotter and hotter. Yesterday when we went to visit my Auntie it was 90 in her front room. Apparently she had the monitor heater on earlier in the morning and had forgot to turn it off, Then she just gets confused and doesn’t open up the room to let it cool. Today my sister unplugged the monitor heater so Auntie can’t run it accidentally. Now hopefully she won’t get confused with the ac and get it too cold.

Yesterday was her Birthday, she’s 83


Yeah, 95F is no good for an 83 year old. Thank God for A.C. huh?
Hope for low humidity.

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Thats dangerous for such abnormally high heat to mix with old age

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Thankfully I live on a desert, very low humidity. I can’t stand it when it’s humid. I feel like I can’t breathe.


You’re right. You hear stories on the news. It’s sad.

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Slightly belated happy birthday to your auntie ! :birthday:

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