My secret crush lol

Lol maybe I’m thinking too much into this. We share the same taste in Tv shows we don’t like going out and we are very attached to our families. I really do want to get to know him more but he obviously does not feel the same and I don’t want to say anything coz I don’t want any awkwardness at work. The other day my colleague went up to him and he referred to her by my name. He’s done that twice to her. It might mean nothing but I have this hope :frowning:


Bloody hell I sound like a teenager


why do you think someone is above you @ish …all of us (probably including me) live pretty mundane lives. Noone is above or lesser than anyone.

I am just begun noticing that I am enduring a lot more suffering…probably as we grow wiser we suffer more. But drop this complex

AND i know a lot of people have called me insane etc in this forum.

But remember this sentence of wisdom from me

“Those who try to give an impression that they are above someone else, they are the most poorer souls”.

You are atleast honest that you are suffering…you are way above those folks.

You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. :wink:


If you ever get a chance or time

see this movie @ish Into the Wild(2007)



Great movie.

@anon80629714 I have crushes too. Someone on this site, I think it was Rhubot, that said to me that crushes are fine as long as we don’t act on it. Let it develop on its own. Maybe it will fade, or it can become something else.


you won’t have a crush once the meds cripple ya

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That’s very charming.

I have a crush too. It does remind me of my teenage life. If I think about him, I want to draw hearts and stars and flowers :heart_eyes: :bouquet: :blue_heart:


I think there’s nothing wrong if you talk to him for a little while and ask if he wants to have his lunch break with you or go for a cup of coffee or have a few drinks after work. Most guys say yes. and you are so pretty @anon80629714

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I’ve been in love w a Spanish guy I went to college w since 1995…He married somebody else but I never forgot him…

He was my daydream. A beautiful man w olive skin and rosy cheeks, chestnut colored eyes w long eyelashes. Tall w wavy dirty blonde hair…


your hot to trot




which way is the water

i want to go F ish

Then go fishing no one stopped you


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