My roommate is planning to kill me

Gonna gotta start sleeping with a knife under my pillow again :confused:

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You’re becoming a danger to others. Please go back on your meds.


sleeping with a knife under your pillow is not a good idea although i understand it cause i did it too in the past… but you could hurt somebody innocent for sure…

take your meds like everhopeful said


I will. I’m gonna start them again right now


One of the first things they teach in self defense classes is this: any weapon you introduce to an altercation is one extra weapon that can be used against you. Basically, if someone is trying to harm you, you need to learn how to escape and flee to a safe location. Staying to fight will increase the odds of being seriously injured. It also means your assailant can press assault charges against you and then you will need to hire a lawyer to defend you.

Even if you are assaulted, you can still be prosecuted for fighting back if the court decides you could have safely escaped but chose to fight instead.


That’s about the way it is here too. Best to try and get away.


Sounds like you are off meds or something, having a warped sense of reality. Guy isn’t gonna kill you unless he’s insane. I mean if he did he would have to spend many years in jail. Nobody wants that.

Sleeping with a knife will just make the experience of delusion even bigger. It’s best to try and reason with yourself that things are not what you think before it goes too far. If you are off meds I would start taking them again right now.


I agree with Mr Hope. You sound really paranoid and in need of a check up with a doctor. Do you have any evidence to support this claim? What made you think like this?


i had the same fear when i was first diagnose, i thought my family tried to kill, i tried running away. and lock myself in the basement. i think your suffering from a severe delusion, talk your pdoc asap. having a knife under the pillow is not a good idea.


Ill give the same advice i gave @Crystal-Cotton when she was threatening similar:

Stop being a plonker, put the knife away and take your meds and see a doctor. You are intelligent enough to know it wont end well.


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