My rejection sensitivity has made me withdraw from this forum

I know you all are warm and kind people, and want to help where you can.
I’ve been kinda afk for the past few months and aloof when I’ve been online, and I want to explain that.

I’m very rejection sensitive.

A few months ago, I finally admitted to myself my facial hair picking was problematic and a compulsion, and I put myself out on a limb and posted about it here.

The general response was kinda just “you gotta train yourself to stop”, which I have no idea how to do, and I felt so… Brushed off and rejected even though none of you meant it that way.

If I feel rejected in a situation, I almost compulsively avoid it from then on.

But those are MY screwed up feelings, and none of you are to blame, and I love yall and miss yall and just wanted to say I’m still alive.



Welcome back Miika. I seriously didn’t think you had been gone that long but I guess I haven’t seen you post in awhile.


@Pikasaur I didn’t see the post. I’m sorry you got brushed off. That must have been an awful feeling when you finally open up about this extremely sensitive issue and you don’t get the type of support you need.

I have recently made huge progress with my own 5 year + compulsion of picking scabs off my scalp. It’s a form of OCD called Excoriation Disorder. My pdoc and I tried many different meds after my own attempts to control the compulsion proved unsuccessful. Finally it worked out that a med that I was already taking just needed to be increased and the compulsion slowly began to leave.

I still have a little bit of the habit to break, but I am no longer compelled. I am free and it feels wonderful. My advice to you is definitely enlist the help of a pdoc and start going through the process of trying to find a med. OCD is too strong just to will power your way out of. And in my lifelong experience with OCD this compulsion was the strongest one.

I’m really glad you were brave enough to come back and say something. I hope this helps.


I feel so bad you felt rejected. I’m not sure if I did that too, but if I did, I am so sorry. Please know we care for you here and never meant to make you feel bad


You have to remember that none of us are therapists and are just bumbling along, offering the best support we can.

When you feel rejected, just remember that.

I’m sorry you felt that way, but as you said, it wasn’t anyone’s intention to make you feel bad. We’re still here for you.


Hey was just thinking of you earlier. Yeah I get that feeling also sometimes… not here, but life in general


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